Sound of Fire - HOT HOT HOT

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listen to the fire
Fire offers a wide range of possibilities and sounds that can be used to play music … 

The most obvious is the sound of explosions … 
which are manly the base for my rhythmic fire instrument called Pyrocussion. 

But than there are 
also the sizzling sounds of different flamethrowers 
and those resonating flames in different steel tubes... 
All of these combusting sounds  are used to create a flaming soundsculptur


Inspired by inventions like Goethes chemical Harmonica or Trimpins Fire organ 
i started to build fire-machines with the special purpose to create sounds.
After a short time i had a little orchestra of flame machines that produced different sounds. 

Than i met the chemo acoustic engineer Bastiaan Maris

We played first time together at the "New Prometheans" festival 2002 in Seattle for Kain Karawahn 
It was an opera called "fireselfmusicianized" Pyrophony No.18  tributed to Jimmi Hendrix. 

Since than the orchestra grew and has today around 40 instruments and several Musicians. 
There is also lot of cooperation’ with music artist from all over the world… 

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